Supporting Henry

Players from Brass Fusion were delighted to support singer Henry Godwin in his concert to celebrate his start at the Royal College of Music next week.

From left: Andy, Ruth, Sian, Mark, Steve and Martin

18-year-old Henry has compered and sung at Brass Fusion concerts over the past few years. His dad, Ben, is Brass Fusion’s bass guitarist.

BF5+, Brass Fusion’s quintet plus drummer, played a range of music, from Latin (La Bamba) to traditional marches (Army of the Nile), and stage shows (Phantom of the Opera) to traditional jazz (Way Down Yonder in New Orleans and Milenberg Joys).

The audience, at St Peter’s Church, in Henfield, also enjoyed singing from Henry, his teacher – the mezzo soprano, Sidonie Winter – and the Bothy Singers.

Brass Fusion wishes Henry every success in his studies.

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