BF’s lockdown concert

Brass Fusion has been keeping the fun of music alive during the lockdown by recording pieces for a half-hour virtual concert, released online this weekend.

The up-tempo programme includes It’s Raining Men, made famous by the Weather Girls, a new original piece, Born to Drive, by local composer Martyn Adams, and Peter Green’s Black Magic Woman .

It also features King of the Cab, Martin Buss’s version of the King of the Road. Martin, leader of Brass Fusion, recorded all five parts in his lorry cab during a trip away from home.

The concert is compered by Brian Grindall, a friend of Brass Fusion, who now lives on Arran and hosted a visit by the group to the island in 2019.

Many thanks to Brian and to another friend of Brass Fusion, Ashley Carter, for the audio and video editing.

We hope you enjoy the concert and look forward to entertaining you in a live concert as soon as the rules allow.

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