Picture post: BRASS FUSION on tour in Holland

BRASS FUSION gave seven concerts in four days during a tour of the Netherlands.

The band played at the Weertenbergen holiday park, the Efteling Theme Park, outside restaurants in Weert and Maastricht, in the botanical gardens in Lieden and joined local bands for a formal concert in Ell.

Day 1: On the way to Holland

BF Holland 2018 2

BH Holland 2018 3BH Holland 2018 4BH Holland 2018 5

Day 2: in concert at Efteling Theme Park

Day 3: Three concerts in one day in Weert, Werterbergen and Ell

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Day 4: Concerts in Werterbergen and Maastricht

BH Holland 2018 14BH Holland 2018 17aBH Holland 2018 17bBH Holland 2018 18BH Holland 2018 18a

Day 5: Lieden

BH Holland 2018 20BH Holland 2018 19BH Holland 2018 21

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